2018 GRIT Summer Challenge


2018 GRIT Summer Challenge

We are going to mix it up this year for our GRIT Running Challenge! I’ve added swimming, biking and running to the mix and I think this will be our best Summer Challenge ever. There are many reasons to mix up our training modalities but a primary reason is to prevent injuries from repetitive use of the same muscle groups. I also wanted to include more people. Some of our members for various reasons just don’t run, but we see them in here on the rower and bike. I’m especially excited about adding swimming to the mix. I’m not a very good swimmer and I know with more time dedicated to practicing I can improve–more information will be out on swimming as we get closer to July!

We kick the month of June off with Running and Rowing on Monday, June 4th.

Just how will all this work? I have made a tally sheet for you  to use each week to keep track of your mileage or meters. You must designate which you will be participating in for the month. Unlike past years the goal was to beat everyone in running miles but I saw a few too many injuries as a result. This year I want you to focus on putting in the mileage and meters but not overdoing it.

Running Requirements: 5 miles per week Scaled Division and 10 miles per week Rx Division

Rowing Requirements: 5000 Meters per week Scaled Division and 10,000 Meters per week Rx Division

You will notice on the sheets we don’t give extra points for extra mileage/meters but you get points for hydrating everyday, sleeping 7-8 hours a night, meditation and taking the time to mobilize. And yes, you get a whooping 3 points each day you don’t consume alcohol. Consistency over time is what will create a lifetime of healthy living habits to make you a super sexy beast!

If the daily WOD has running or rowing you can count that as your work for the day!

How much will all this cost you? 10 BUCKS a month! A little more then a fancy Starbucks Coffee. So get your name on the board and pick up your tally sheets.  Rules are also posted near the board. Keep it simple is key and moderate running or rowing will keep you healthy in June and prepare you for the July Challenge!