30 Day Detox

The Rules:


For 30 days refrain from drinking alcohol. Incorporate herbal teas, mocktails, and infused water to enjoy instead. If you drink moderately or heavy please discuss with Caitlin first, as you may need more counseling at an additional cost.



For 30 days remove added sugar from your diet. This may be hard at first, however over the course of the 30 days your tastebuds will begin to adapt. Replace sugar with fruit, herbs, and spices. Refer to the journal provided when you sign up for more info in hidden sources of sugar.



Fill out the “30 day detox calendar” in the journal provided. Log 1 pt. for no alcohol and 2 pts. for no sugar intake. Max daily total is 3 points, 30 day max is 90 points.

What will 30 days of no alcohol do for the body?

In just 30 days your liver can have positive changes and begin to breakdown toxins more efficiently, metabolize fats and excess hormones that need to be broken down. Removing alcohol can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Some people see improvements in body composition due to the reduced intake of sugar found in alcohol. May help prevent cancer, the new 2020 guidelines from the American Cancer Society suggest that it is “best not to drink alcohol”.

Pro-tip – Record a few notes about how you feel today and in 30 days review and make a note of any changes.


What will 30 days of no sugar do for the body?

Consuming processed sugar can negatively impact our brain, skin, heart, liver, GI tract, immunity, hormones, and metabolism. Consuming extra sugar on a regular basis will also alter our taste buds. Many people notice that they enjoy naturally sweet foods much better than before. Some people may have more restorative sleep, lose weight, have increased energy levels, positive effects on the GI tract, skin, and mood. The list goes on and on :).

Now that you know more about the why, take a look at the three levels below to choose “om for this 30 day challenge. Remember this is a challenge and you should choose the tier that will push you to the next level!

Tier 1 Option:

Get a jump start with a free InBody Test and track you 30 days with the log we give you.

Total Points for No Sugar and No Alcohol = 90
Extra Points for working out, meditation and hydration

  • FREE to Members
  • Non-Members $75
Tier 2 Option:

Get all the benefits of Tier I + weekly support group meetings. Saturday meetings outside the gym at 9:30 a.m.

  • Members: $150
  • Non-Members: $300
Tier 3 Option:

Get all the benefits of Tier 1 & 2 + Micronutrient Testing + 1 hr. Nutrition Consultation.

To optimize your 30 days we highly recommend getting a Micronutrient Test Kit that assesses both your extracellular and intracellular vitamin, mineral, and anti-oxidant status. The test results will be evaluated by myself, a Registered Dietitian. Recommendation for supplements and a therapeutic food plan to help you replete any functional nutrition deficiencies. Tier III gives you the opportunity to learn more about your body and what your individual needs are for optimal health.

  • Members: $400
  • Non-Members: $550

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