A Little Boy Named DERMOT


A Little Boy Named DERMOT

Saturday we were able to reach our goal of 18K for Dermot and his mother Kelly to be able to afford to purchase a14963167_10210641307450425_4849641136940689893_n service dog. In the spring Dermot will be able to travel to Ohio to meet his new dog. It was an extraordinary day filled with good friends, good will and the generosity of so many in the CrossFit community through out Boston. I first want to thank Manuela and Abe of Iron & Grit for being on the planning committee with Ryan Mason. They were organized throughout the entire fundraiser and helped yesterday go smoothly. Always the first to lend a helping hand! Thank you Manuela, Abe and Ryan!

A special thanks to the coaching staff of Iron & Grit who made the entire day run smooth: Coach Brian, Coach Miguel and Coach Mel! You guys rock and we wouldn’t be able to do these fundraisers with out your dedication!

The communities of CrossFit Craic, CrossFit Florian and CrossFit City Line also came here to West Roxbury to help. It was wonderful to have other CrossFit affiliates take time from their own training and busy lives to help a little boy named Dermot. Thank you to the members and leaders from all across the city. It was also wonderful to have the police officer’s of the Boston Police Department and the firefighters of Boston and Brookline here to help us raise funds for Dermot!

You can still donate to DERMOT because he has to raise enough funds to fly out to Ohio in the spring. Go to:

DERMOT’s Dog Pound

img_4590-1We are excited that the fundraiser was such a success and we hope in the future to help other children from the area who need help raising funds for a service dog!

Thank you to our sponsors: Death Before No Rep Coffee, Iris Photography, Newton’s Nectar, CRI and to all the individuals who donated winning prizes. In particular John Williamson who gave tickets to the Bruin’s to the winning team. CrossFit Craic men were in the lead with a time of 14:15 but were bested by our very own Connor Griffin and Brendon Donovan by only 7 seconds!! It was a special day of competition because in the end the ultimate prize of a service dog made us all champions!