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At Boston Iron & Grit Training we help you succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals because we take the time to get to know you. We aren’t just a CrossFit gym and you will see this in the array of classes we offer. Our program is built on 5 pillars:

Absolute Strength– we help you develop a base of strength in all our programs. Once you develop confidence and technique we move you towards learning the Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting. Done with our safe approach we help you have fun developing strength to enjoy your everyday life activities.

Aerobic Capacity– Cardio is a staple you need to keep healthy and lose weight. Our approach is to help you develop your cardio vascular system in fun high intensity workouts. You can choose from one of our many programs–EVOLVE, IRON Row or our famous BIG Engine class.

Mobility and Flexibility– Can’t call it a well rounded program without having mobility as one of the pillars. We add mobility to all of our classes and teach you how to keep your joints and muscle safe and supple.

Functional Body Development– We felt this was the missing link to most training programs. Balance, stability and core development is the focus of our FUNCTION class.

Wellness– we believe health embodies a well rounded life–Nutrition, Sleep, Hydration and Meditation.

Our staff is one of the best in the area and we deliver you a fun program everyday. You can choose to mix in different classes every week to round out your program and make it your own.

I started Iron & Grit because I believed we could change the lives of people in Boston through fitness. As a coaching staff we look forward to the challenge of bringing the best in coaching, training and programming to Boston.


  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Private Showers for your convenience
  • Complimentary Towel Service
  • Shower Amenities
  • Free Cubbies For Storing Your CrossFit Gear


  • FitAid, Water
  • Exendurance Protein and Supplements
  • Iron & Grit Apparel including T-shirts, tanks and hoodies
  • Kettlebell Kitchen Meals Delivered Mondays and Thursdays


Tina Ramos

Owner & Founder

Miguel Claravall

Head Coach &
Specialty Programs Coordinator

Brian Conroy

Head Coach

Matt Ruiz

Teen Coach

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