Athlete of The Month: Craig Ford


Athlete of The Month: Craig Ford

You probably think the best thing about CrossFit is you will look better naked, have better mental health and have hercules like strength–NOPE! It’s the community of life long friends you make. This months Athlete of The Month will be leaving us to go pursue a wonderful opportunity at Fordham University and we are going to miss him! Craig Ford congratulations on the awesome new professor position you have been offered and when your new book comes out please don’t forget to send us a signed copy! We could all stand to learn more about ethics, religion and the power of believing.

In Craig’s words here is his CrossFit experience with us in just 6 short months!

I started CrossFit at the end of December 2017, right before the new year. At that time, I was becoming frustrated with what seemed to me to be a stale training program that didn’t show much progress. I had a feeling I needed a high-paced environment with a supportive community both to keep me motivated while exercising and to help me bust through plateaus. I had heard that CrossFit gyms were the place to go for that. It was really the luck of the draw that led me to CrossFit BIG. I did a Google search and BIG happened to be the closest!

CrossFit has improved my health both physically and mentally. WODs that I thought were not possible for any human to complete (which, at the beginning, was anything RX) slowly become possible. As I continued training, I became aware of particular strengths and likewise of places to improve, and the coaching at BIG has helped me both. My form has improved on movements with which I had been familiar, and movements that I thought were only possible for Arnold Schwarzenegger-body types became possible through the relentless attention to detail given to me by folks like Coach Miguel. But, more than with progress on physical goals, CrossFit BIG has improved my mental health. It’s made me more willing to take risks and try new things, and has made me a more confident athlete. For example, many folks will know that I was absolutely PETRIFIED of the handstand holds, and as Brandon knows, I couldn’t string together three double-unders to save anyone’s life. Coach Yo-Yo and Coach Brian have also saved my confidence more times than I can imagine by looking me straight in the eyes and saying “Let’s go! You got this!” ‘

My favorite benchmark WOD?! HA–I’m afraid of all of those ladies. But I did appreciate Nancy. It combines one thing I’m pretty good at–running away–with something that requires a lot of effort and concentration and was completely new to me, overhead squatting.

My favorite lift is definitely the snatch. I didn’t even know normal people did that kind of stuff! It’s also pretty cool once you get a handle on that elusive “moment of weightlessness” before getting the bar overhead.

My go-to cheat meal is most certainly burgers and fries and beer.

If I could be a superhero my superpower would definitely be telekinesis. Who wouldn’t want to move things with their mind?!