“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”

The word balance can stand alone with no need for further explanation. It’s what most of us strive for in life. A quick look at IMG_1689Wikipedia gives us a brief history of the Work-Life balance concept developed in the late 1970s in the United Kingdom. The phrase was first used in the United States in 1986. The idea that we need to find balance in our lives is important to consider as CrossFit athletes because it probably means we are Type A people. We strive for excellence in every area of our lives and while this is a highly respected social recognition; constant pursuit of being the best can produce stress which can in turn create imbalance.

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for many people. If you are in here to relieve stress be sure to pay attention to what else is going on outside of work and gym at this time. Hectic schedule with kids, family coming into town and let’s face it the climate of the country is not positive. One look at Facebook and you feel the stress and pressure of an election that disappointed many and brought out the worst in some. While I have much hope in humanity and believe we will endurer I also see that the stress this time is producing in peoples lives needs to be managed.

Here are signs to look for in your training if you feel your life balance is not in check:

  1. Diminished performance in your WODs over a consistent period of time (2 or more weeks)13417456_644824235664610_6167755894270163050_n
  2. Continuously getting sick
  3. Feeling unmotivated to focus and give your best effort
  4. Avoiding the gym for extended periods
  5. Injuries that flair up

If this is where you find yourself right now think about taking a few days off from the hustle and bustle to reset. Make it a point to start your holiday weekend with a WOD at 8 a.m. with us, get to bed early, skip the alcohol and enjoy the food and company of your family and friends.

I also want to take this time to wish everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving. This is a difficult one for me because my heart is heavy with pain. As a country we are failing our brothers and sisters in North Dakota. The Native Americans are trying to protect their lands and are being tear gassed, hosed with cold water in freezing temperatures and being shot with rubber bullets. Won’t you please consider one act of kindness and write or call your state representatives. We must do the right thing and as a nation I think we will slide down an unknown abyss if we can not do right by the Sioux Nation in Standing Rock, North Dakota.

State Representatives Please HELP The Native Americans