For BEAT The STREETS BOSTON 2020 we wanted to choose a format that keeps safety first during this unprecedented time. We believe continuing our effort to raise funds and awareness about our work with inner city youth is imperative to keep our youth engaged and the education gap from widening. This years event has even more significance. We want to offer two different formats for you to compete and participate: in person and online.

IN PERSON COMPETITION: Saturday, November 7th we will have an in person competition. Teams of two will chip away at 6 tasks for 1.5 hours. The 6 tasks are: 2000 M Row, 15 Minutes to get a Max Power Clean or Squat Clean, Max Hang Time, Max Wall Balls in 3:00, 150 American Kettlebell Swings For Time, and Max Double Unders In A Row. The order of the tasks will be decided at the start of each HEAT. The Head Judge will choose before the start of each HEAT from our Hopper. Every HEAT will be different!

HEATs will run every 2 hours. Only 5 teams max will be allowed per heat to meet social distance guidelines and safety. The first heat will start at 8 a.m. You will be contacted 3 days prior to competition about your heat designation. We will have winning prizes for teams competing at Iron & Grit for all categories!

ONLINE COMPETITION: We understand the importance of your safety and comfort level with entering a different gym. For those who feel more comfortable staying in your own gym we are offering an online option. Please contact us to get more information about our online BTS competition: [email protected]

If you sign up by Monday, October 26th you will get an awesome BEAT The STREETs hoodie! SIGN UP HERE: COMPETITION CORNER