BIG Nutrition: Adding in nutrient dense carbs


BIG Nutrition: Adding in nutrient dense carbs

Eating a moderate amount of carbs everyday not only fuels workouts (hello, CrossFit Open!), it is associated with lower mortality compared to very low carbohydrate or very high carbohydrate based diets. It bears repeating, though, that all carbohydrate foods are not the same.

Research shows is that nutrient dense carbs are best. These are carbs that are slowly digested and from whole foods, such as, vegetables, fruits, whole grains (eg, oatmeal, quinoa, farro, popcorn, brown rice, wild rice, barley), starchy vegetables (eg, sweet potato, butternut squash, peas, corn, plantains), and lentils and beans. Here are some recipes to inspire you!

Overnight no cook oats

Thyme roasted sweet potatoes

Mediterranean couscous and lentil salad

Red quinoa with pistachios

Butternut squash with shallots and sage

Farro with wild mushrooms and herbs

Creamy white bean dip

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

If you are interested in finding ways to work in more nutrient dense carbohydrates into your intake, contact me [email protected]

Photo credit: Photo used with permission by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics