BIG Nutrition: Annie was right, there is always tomorrow!


BIG Nutrition: Annie was right, there is always tomorrow!

Ever been mid-WOD and wonder how in the world are you are going to finish it? I’ve been there. Finishing round 2 and feeling absolutely spent and wondering how I will ever get through 5 rounds. Then, mercifully, the end comes, and I happily walk out of the box only to come back tomorrow for another one.

Yes, Annie had it right. Tomorrow is another day. This article lays out one way to keep motivated when it comes to improving your eating….you can always quit those good eating habits tomorrow!

  • Started cleaning up your intake and not sure if you can keep it going? Quit tomorrow.
  • Backed off of sugar, feeling fewer gut issues, but really craving a piece of cake…eat it tomorrow.
  • Worked hard eating more veggies, fruit and whole grains and thinking about a splurge…quit tomorrow.
  • Wanting fries instead of a salad with that burger….tomorrow.
  • Dreaming about a huge brunch…. tomorrow.

With this article it has helped me think of eating well in a new way. Instead of starting tomorrow, how about doing what you can today to eat more nutrient dense and then quit eating more nutrient dense tomorrow.

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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