BIG Nutrition: Are you ready to move from diet to a healthy lifestyle?


BIG Nutrition: Are you ready to move from diet to a healthy lifestyle?

vegetables-jadaYou are probably familiar with these numbers—70-80% (or more) of dieters will regain the weight they have lost…plus. Yet research says 5-20% can keep the weight off. Why? Their perspective is different.

Rather than seek a temporary diet fix to hit a goal, they see the food they eat as only one part of a healthy lifestyle. They prioritize physical activity, sleep, stress management, meditation, self-monitoring, problem-solving skills, and consistent food intake.

Genes, age, medical status, and previous weight history are not under a person’s control and will affect his/her weight or muscle mass. These may determine how quickly he/she will lose weight and how he/she will look and feel. When the focus is on the scale or what is seen in the mirror, then happiness and satisfaction may be based on things that a person doesn’t entirely control.

So, if you think you are ready to drop the ‘diet’ and focus on a change in your lifestyle, here are some behaviors that are associated with success:

  • Think positive!
  • Exercise 30-60 minutes/day either through formal exercise or informal (walking stairs, dancing, yard work, shoveling).
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours/night.
  • Manage stress.
  • Meditate.
  • Use problem solving skills to address issues that are interfering lifestyle change.
  • Self-monitor: track intake for pattern recognition and weight (occasionally). Remember, weight is just a number. There are very thin people that are unhealthy with low muscle mass, poor quality of muscle, and low cardiorespiratory fitness. That is not you; you are a member of the BIG community!
  • Discover balance. One food, one meal, one day is not going to make or break your lifestyle.

There are specific nutrition approaches that are characteristic of those focused on a healthy lifestyle:

  • Eat breakfast daily.
  • Employ a consistent eating pattern during the week AND on the weekend.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat nutrient-dense snacks.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Understand and control portions.
  • Structure meals and snacks. Avoid mindless eating.

Positive attitude and internal drive are characteristics that contribute to a person choosing a healthy lifestyle. This perspective involves much more than ‘diet’ and a short-term number-based goal.

Last week of the Nutrition Challenge!

Counting today and Saturday, there are only 3 days left in the Challenge. If you have any last minute questions, see me at BIG Friday after the 4:30 pm WOD or contact me via email [email protected]. I would also like any feedback that you have about the challenge.

Saturday WODs and Nutrition Challenge Test Out

8:30 am-9:30 am


9:30 am-10:30 am

Please arrive about 15 minutes before class to complete weights and measures before the WOD. If you are not able to test out that day, please contact Tina to set up a time to do so.

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

[email protected]