BIG Nutrition: Athlete Nutrition Profile—Yohanna Estime


BIG Nutrition: Athlete Nutrition Profile—Yohanna Estime

If you follow Yohanna Estime on social media you have probably seen her workouts and inspiring pictures of her food prep and meals, like this photo of an oatmeal bowl (photo credit Yohanna Estime). I met with Yohanna to learn her recipe for food that fuels her life and her WODs!

You have posted some amazing photos featuring food that you have prepped, how do you keep yourself motivated to eat well? The results. I have lost some weight. I like how my clothes feel. I’m not bloated and feel so good. I thought by losing weight I would lose some strength, but I have had a couple of recent PRs.

How do you plan what you will eat? I head to the store and just shop, no grocery list. My meals, though, follow a pattern: usually a protein, vegetable, and some carbohydrate. Breakfast is eggs, sweet potato or avocado, and ground turkey or turkey bacon. Lunch is turkey, mixed roasted vegetable, and quinoa. Dinner might be chicken or fish, vegetable or salad, and sweet potato.

What kind of snacks do you have? I typically have a smoothie in the morning, one made with greens and yogurt or one that I recently started making is for a bright side mocha shake, with banana, ice, coffee, and almond butter. I also eat plain Greek yogurt, nuts, or both. Carrying nuts with me helps when I have a workout to do or won’t be home to eat for a while.

How often do you shop?  Usually Sunday, and then maybe Wednesday to pick up some more fresh food.

When do you cook? After I shop, I prep and cook. It makes it simpler. Then I know when I get home from work that I have food ready to eat.

How much time does it take for you to shop, prep, cook, and store your food? Four hours total. An hour and a half to shop, two hours to cook, and about a half hour to separate foods into containers.

What do you do to keep from getting bored? I try new recipes. My best friend just sent a spaghetti squash taco bowl recipe for me to try.

What do you do when family, friends, or work offer you food that may not in what you planned to eat? Indulge! Actually, I indulge sometimes, sometimes I don’t and usually not a whole day. At work, they are always ordering food. It’s so expensive to eat out. If I bring my food, then I am set and I feel better.

What are your go to cheat foods? Ice cream, chocolate, or cake!

If you are interested in the recipe for a spaghetti squash taco bowl, here is the one Yohanna was trying with meat and one vegetarian version!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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