BIG Nutrition: Bars, snacks, and treats worth checking out


BIG Nutrition: Bars, snacks, and treats worth checking out

Earlier this week, I was in Philadephia for a national convention. Like any national conference, an expo floor is par for the course. A national conference for dietitians, though, means a tasting extravaganza of bars, snacks, treats and more. Some are new or new for the company and worth telling you about. Others have been around for a while and tasting them again reminded me why. Almost all are available on Amazon, along with some in stores.

Ohi (oh-hee)—Super yummy, nut-based bar with hemp, chia, and flax seeds offering 8-10 g protein in each bar. Minis are in development because this is not a low calorie bar.

Protein Crisps, Shrewd Food—Made from protein isolate (milk protein), these are a protein dense twist when only a cheesy snack puff will do!

88 Acres Bars–Not new in the bar world, but a good option if you want to avoid genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), tree nuts, peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten, sesame, and other allergens.

gomacro—Bars with the fewest ingredients make the list. This is not quite as good as Rx Bars in its profile, but if you don’t like Rx Bars or need a break, then this is an option.

PB2 Powder—Add this protein powder to amp up the protein in your shake? You can continue to do this, but won’t have to for long. They will have a new protein shake out in a month.

Bada Bean Bada Boom—So many flavors, so little time! These are crunchy, salty, and some are a bit sweet with high protein content and offer an excellent source of carbs and fiber.

Yakult—Probiotic (6.5 billion organisms in the 2 ounce sized bottle), fermented dairy drink offering a different probiotic option. It is lower in lactose, but not lactose free.

Undercover Quinoa—Fun treat, with emphasis on treat, but an option to get 3 g of protein per serving. Choose the ones covered in dark chocolate for the polyphenols, a beneficial food component!

Most of the time, whole fresh foods are the preferred snack option, but having a packaged option is nice!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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