BIG Nutrition: BIG Community—Are you up for a Challenge?


BIG Nutrition: BIG Community—Are you up for a Challenge?

Quality and consistency is what will earn you points for the nutrition challenge beginning October 1 and finishing on November 17. The goal is improved health, focus on quality and consistency, while at the same time, support your CrossFit workouts.

Test In: September 29. By appointment after that day.

Two levels—Regular $30, Individualized $60

  1. Regular—Complete Score Sheet each week during the seven weeks.
  2. Individualized—Complete food log for one week. Set up meeting with me to personalize your food intake plan. Complete Score Sheet.

Test Out:   November 10

This can be done with food cooked by you, meal kits, prepared foods (eg, Kettlebell Kitchen), foods available for takeout/hot bar at local markets, and through restaurants.

Vegetables and Fruits

6 servings/day


One serving =

1 cup raw vegetables, chopped fruits, berries

1 medium piece of fruit (banana, apple, pear, etc.)

2 cups of leafy greens

½ cup cooked vegetables or fruits


Include a wide variety of colors of vegetables and fruits! This ensures a wide variety of nutrients and antioxidants.


Protein Foods

12 servings/day


One serving =

1 oz. lean meat

1 egg

1 oz. fish*

1 oz. tuna**

½ cup cooked lentils, beans or quinoa

¾ cup tofu

2 Tbsp. nut butter+ (~size of a golf ball) or 1 oz. nuts (24 almonds, 18 medium cashews, 12 hazelnuts or filberts, 8 medium Brazil nuts, 12 macadamia nuts, 35 peanuts, 15 pecan halves or 14 English walnut halves)

*children and pregnant women—avoid shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish

**choose chunk light tuna which has a lower mercury content

Starchy Vegetables/Whole Grain Starches

5 servings/day


One serving =

½ cup cooked whole grain (barley, farrow, oats, quinoa, wheat) corn, peas, butternut squash (other squashes too)

1/3 cup cooked brown rice

1 slice whole grain bread/pita/roll

½ bun

1 medium potato/sweet potato (2” diameter X 5” long)


Look for those with 3 grams of fiber or more/serving



2 servings/day


One serving =

1 cup Greek yogurt

1 cup regular, lactose free, or soy milk

1 cup cottage cheese


*Does not include almond, hemp, coconut, cashew, walnut milk, or any other milk unless it has at least 6 gm protein per cup.

+If you don’t include dairy in your plan, consume 2 additional servings of lean protein.


6 servings/day

One serving =

1 tsp olive oil, butter                              1 Tbsp. mayonnaise

1/8 avocado                                          1 slice bacon

Other (unlimited)

Unsweetened coffee, tea, or water

Spices or herbs

Vinegar, mustard, soy sauce

Lemon, lime juice

Items to eliminate during the challenge


Refined carbohydrate foods, fried foods, desserts, soda, candy, alcohol


I hope to see you Saturday for the Challenge Test-In!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

[email protected]