BIG Nutrition: BIG Community Nutrition Challenge!


BIG Nutrition: BIG Community Nutrition Challenge!

This fall the BIG community begins a nutrition challenge! This is an opportunity to work on fine tuning your food intake. The food goals are consistent with those for improved health, focus on quality and consistency, while at the same time, support your CrossFit workouts. This can be done with food cooked by you, meal kits, foods available for takeout/hot bar at local grocery stores and through planning at restaurants.

  1. Seven week challenge: October 1-November 17
  2. Test In—September 29. By appointment after that day.
  3. Two levels—Regular $30, Individualized $60
    • Regular—Complete Score Sheet each week during the seven weeks.
    • Individualized—Complete food log for one week. Set up meeting with me to personalize your food intake plan. Complete Score Sheet.
  4. Find an accountability buddy (or two) who will encourage you to be your best self during this challenge.
  5. Winner—Most points overall with highest quality and consistent intake (overall days during the challenge).
  6. If you find the targets too difficult. Scale it. Remember the goal is to eat better than you are now. For example, the vegetable and fruit goal is 6 servings (total) per day.  If you only eat 2-3 veggies and fruits (total) in one day, it is better to increase this to 4 or 5 consistently during and after the challenge rather than achieving the target during the challenge and going back to 2-3 servings after the challenge ends.
  7. Test Out—November 10.

For some individuals, a nutrition challenge is just what is needed to jump start changes in intake. For others, more gradual sustained changes over time yield better results. In this challenge, it is quality of food and consistency that gets you points. It is my hope that whatever approach you take, that you know the BIG community supports you!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

[email protected]