BIG Nutrition: Both Feet!


BIG Nutrition: Both Feet!

If you are jumping back into the New Year with both feet at Iron and Grit, one strategy to support all of those WODs is consist intake with protein distributed throughout the day.

Consistent eating accomplishes a couple of things:

  • Refuels muscles used in WODs and other physical activities.
  • Averts the over hungry feeling (AKA, hangry) that can occur when it has been more than 5 hours without a meal or snack.
  • Can distribute protein throughout the day which is advantageous for anyone looking to repair and build muscles.
  • May help promote more consistent body weight.

What might this look like for a 180 lb. (81kg) male who regularly participates in CrossFit (120 grams of protein; 1.5 gm/kg body weight per day)?

7:30 am Breakfast (35 g protein)

2 eggs scrambled with 1 cup sautéed vegetables

1 banana

1 cup cooked oatmeal

5 oz. plain Greek yogurt*


11:30 am Lunch (35 g protein)

1 cup raw veggies in a whole grain wrap with 2 tablespoons hummus and 4 oz. chicken

1 cup berries


3:30 pm Snack (20 g protein)

5-6 oz. Greek yogurt

1 apple

1 oz. nuts


5:30 pm WOD

7 pm Supper (40 g protein)

4 oz. salmon

1 medium sweet potato or ½ cup cooked Quinoa

1 cup cooked veggies


This plan does several things:

  • Distributes the protein throughout the day making sure that no more than four hours passes.
  • Includes high leucine, a branch-chain amino acid, foods (milk and yogurt). Leucine is thought to play an important role in muscle synthesis.
  • Offers carbs for repleting muscle glycogen.
  • *Can be moved to 9:00 pm for a casein-based snack before bed which might also help further promote protein synthesis overnight.

This is just one example of how to eat consistently throughout a day, while incorporating a workout. If you need a plan that fits you and your schedule, contact me at [email protected].

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN