BIG Nutrition: Developing Nutrition Goals and Leveraging Them!


BIG Nutrition: Developing Nutrition Goals and Leveraging Them!

I am really excited because we have almost 30 participants in the nutrition challenge this fall! But as they participate in this challenge, I think it is important to think about why they are involved. Perform better as an athlete? Try to eat less junk food and more whole, fresh foods? Is it to feel better? Combat inflammation? Get back (or start) cooking a bit more instead of relying on take out? Whatever your motivation, a stronger you is just a fork (and a plan) away if you establish SMART goals related to eating and bundle your efforts!

What bundling your efforts means is considering all of your efforts for health—WODs, mobilization, ROMWOD, eating well—as one bundle of activities. When a challenge to that effort, a donut for example, threatens to distract or derail you, just ask yourself whether eating that food (i.e., the donut in this case) will help you meet your goals. Choosing a food other than the donut takes a good amount of will power, but research shows that it is easier if you don’t focus on the donut itself, but on the goal you set for a healthier you.

So, there is not a moment to lose! Work on defining your eating goals during the nutrition challenge. You earn 5 points for turning them in to me, and even better, you gain a powerful tool that help you get where you want to go!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN


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