BIG Nutrition: Halloween Trick and Treat!


BIG Nutrition: Halloween Trick and Treat!

My neighborhood is very busy on Halloween night. We typically have 500-600 trick or treaters, so to say that I have 1,000 pieces of candy at my house, is not an understatement! With so much temptation around, I use these strategies to help avoid being tricked at Halloween time:

  • Review the Halloween, burpee calculator. I have no idea if this is accurate information, but it certainly makes me think twice!
  • Hide it (out of sight, out of mind!).
  • Keep a candy tab. Write down all of the candy eaten or keep the wrappers as a visual reminder of the candy consumed.
  • Allow yourself some candy, but set limits, such as, X pieces the day of and X pieces the day after Halloween.
  • Rev up your intake of plants to balance any splurges, like in this photo taken by this week’s nutrition challenge photo contest winner, Lee Talbott!

Now for the treat part of Halloween, the pumpkin seeds! These are a great part of Halloween and this seed is nutrition powerhouse. Here is the simple recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds.

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN


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