BIG Nutrition: In their own words


BIG Nutrition: In their own words

One thing that I will remember most about this nutrition challenge is the participants sharing their strategies for the challenge and what they plan to keep doing once it ends!

(Photo Credit: Vicma Lamarche)

Here is their wisdom:

  • Start off the day strong with protein and veggies. It could be eggs and veggies, but it doesn’t have to be ‘breakfast’ food. Savory breakfasts of leftovers or salads (especially on the road) are good options.
  • Prepare one meal for you and your family. It saves time and with loved ones involved, you will all have a healthier day.
  • Designate a day to plan, shop, and/or prep food. Schedule it just like attending a WOD. It won’t happen if you don’t plan for it. Prep lots of food or a certain portion (veggies, for example) of food. Another strategy is prepping a little extra throughout the week, like clean and cut veggies for today and tomorrow.
  • Plan ahead and bring snacks to work to reduce the temptation of the snacks at the office.
  • Don’t let travel derail your eating plans. After checking into a hotel, head to a market for supplies like yogurt, nuts, nut butter, whole grain crackers, carrots sticks, hummus, and fruit to bolster your intake away from home.
  • Log intake, exercise, hydration, etc. even if it’s only a week here and there. Sometimes it shows you how well you are doing! Sometimes it is provides a reality check.
  • Join a CSA (crop share) to keep the nutrient-dense eating going long after a nutrition challenge is over. Most farms have closed their vegetable CSAs for this fall, but think about joining a CSA in the New Year to keep the fresh whole foods coming all year long!
  • Keep it in perspective. Looking at eating well as all or nothing won’t get you very far. Aim for 85-90% whole foods with minimal processing and packaging and 10-15% discretionary eating.
  • Let people know your goals. It can be a private conversation with a friend or an announcement on social media, like posting to CF BIG’s FB member only group, to have the support of those around you.

As the nutrition challenge draws to a close in one week, these suggestions are helping change this challenge into a healthier lifestyle.

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN


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