BIG Nutrition: Is food the best medicine of all?


BIG Nutrition: Is food the best medicine of all?

A new Time Magazine article features a simple, and I believe true, notion that food is the best medicine. So, are you willing to try one new:



Instead of a prepackaged snack try one of these snacks.


  • Just like a workout, planning and shopping for food isn’t going to happen unless you set aside time to do it! But who says you need to do the shopping yourself? If you can, order online and have food delivered.
  • Lean on prepared foods at a market to help assemble meals if you are not into cooking. Choose whole foods (eg, roasted vegetables, fish, lean meat) more often and include ‘comfort foods’ (eg, cheesy pasta, pizza) less.
  • Use positive self-talk (out loud or to yourself) daily to acknowledge what you do well: Identify one meal or food habit that you are proud of. Examples: “I do a good job of having some protein at each meal of the day.” “I pack a well-balanced lunch for myself 4 days per week.” Beating yourself up about ‘bad food choices’ only reinforces this behavior.

Although this article’s premise seems simple, it isn’t always easy to make changes in eating. Remember, though, that this is not an all or nothing process. Improvements in eating can be made with small incremental changes and I’m here to help.

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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