BIG Nutrition: Online Specialty Foods


BIG Nutrition: Online Specialty Foods

Recently I was talking to BIG member about where to find cashew butter that contains only cashews and no added sugar or oil. With few retail stores offering specialty items like cashew butter, the price can be steep!  Arriving on the scene and offering reduced prices on specialty items, specifically non-GMO (genetically modified or genetically engineered) and often certified organic foods, is Thrive Market (

Thrive Market is an exclusive member’s only online option. It:

  • Has only non-GMO foods and products
  • Costs $59.95 per year
  • Ships free orders over $49.00
  • Offers a 30 day trial free membership

Other options include and as well as others. Vitacost offers vitamin supplements and some foods (although not exclusively non-GMO foods) is also available. Prices are a bit higher and selection is not as robust, but no membership is required. Of course can also be an option for specialty foods as their market has grown immensely in the last several years.

No doubt, over time others may emerge, but for now, Thrive Market may be an option if you are looking for specialty items and, especially, those without genetically modified (or engineered) products.

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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2 Responses

  1. Lauren

    Trader Joe’s has cashew butter where the ingredients are dry roasted cashews and dry roasted almonds (Less than 1%)
    I found the below statement on the TJ’s website explaining why almonds are listed as an ingredient:
    But it does not look like there is salt or any added oils or anything else. I hope this helps!

    You’ll notice “less than 1% dry roasted almonds” listed in the Ingredient statement. It’s true. Our supplier could not absolutely guarantee that no trace of almonds would be found in our Cashew Butter; they also make almond butter. So, in the interest of full-disclosure and safety, we purposely added just under 1% almonds to the mix. You won’t taste them, but please know they’re there.