BIG Nutrition: Open 21 Nutrition Challenge


BIG Nutrition: Open 21 Nutrition Challenge

Who? You!

What? Nutrition challenge with scaled and RX divisions.

When? February 5 through March 26 with test in Sunday, February 4, 8am and 10 am class

This nutrition challenge begins the day after the Super bowl and continues through the last day of the CrossFit Open. Every meal offers an opportunity to eat nutrient dense and score points. Participants are highly encouraged to find a partner for the challenge (2-3 individuals) to encourage and support the others’ success and help hold each other accountable.

The goal is progress and not perfection. Each meal that meets the criteria (1 point).

Meet the eating criteria for 85% of your meals

(12 meals per week scaled/18 meals per week RX) and

earn 5 bonus points for the week and points for your Open Team.


Foods to focus on include fresh food that is minimally processed with emphasis on whole plant foods. Lean protein, including fish, chicken, beef, lamb, and pork are allowed. Also, food can be:

  • Cooked
  • Purchased and assembled (e.g., prepared section of the store, Blue Apron, Purple Carrot)
  • Made by someone else (e.g., Kettle Bell Kitchen, who will be offering discounts…stay tuned!)


Any packaged food with more than 5 ingredients (not including spices/herbs) is out, as is any package with ingredients that are unrecognizable. Also, reduce:

  • Processed meat
  • Refined carbohydrates (e.g., white rice, white pasta, white bread/buns/bagels/tortillas/wraps/crackers, or any other refined carbs. The first ingredient on label in approved carbs must be ‘whole’____ (wheat, oats, farro, barley, rye, or other grain) and must contain at least 3 grams of fiber per serving.
  • Sweets of any kind or sugar/high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. 2 tsp. of Honey or pure Maple syrup per day okay.
  • Fried food.
  • Alcohol. All points are lost for the day on which alcohol is consumed as well as the preceding day. Alcohol on more than one day, no points for the week.

Other Ways to Earn Points

BIG WOD/Specialty Class (2 points)

Exercise on your own (1 point)

Hydration—at least ½ your weight in ounces/day (1 point)


This challenge is a great way to try out or push yourself to eat more nutrient dense overall.

The scaled division is doable and perfect if you are thinking about working toward a more nutrient dense eating lifestyle throughout the year.

Points for your Open Team!


Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN


Nutrition challenge not your thing? We can meet to work on a nutrient dense plan just for you! Contact me ([email protected]).