BIG Nutrition: Protein sources hiding in plain sight!


BIG Nutrition: Protein sources hiding in plain sight!

There are some among us (I’m looking at you Miguel!) who need new or innovative high protein options. Of course meat protein, including fish and shrimp, could be an option. One ounce of meat has about 7 grams of protein. And, you can reach for a protein shake. But, other options are to try some of these protein sources that should not be overlooked:

Chia seeds—6 grams protein in 3 tablespoons

Eggs—1 egg has 6 grams of protein

Peanuts—7 grams of protein in 3 tablespoons

Quinoa—1 cup cooked has 8 grams

Milk (cow or soy milk)—contain 8 grams of protein per cup

Hemp seeds—3 tablespoons contains 9 grams of protein

Pumpkin seeds—9 grams of protein in ¼ cup

Nutritional yeast—12 grams of protein in 3 tablespoons

Chickpea pasta—3/4 cup of dry pasta (1 serving) has 12 grams of protein

Oats—1/2 cup dry oats has 13 grams of protein

Cottage cheese— with ~ 13 grams of protein in ½ cup, this is a protein power house compared to other cheeses

Edamame—1 cup cooked has 17 grams protein

Lentils—1 cup cooked has 18 grams of protein

Greek yogurt— ~15-20 grams protein in one 5-6 oz. container. It is much higher in protein than traditional yogurt.

There are also some interesting protein bars to check out here, including one that relies on the high protein content of crickets!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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