BIG Nutrition: Raw water—expensive and risky


BIG Nutrition: Raw water—expensive and risky

Raw, retro, interesting….words that can be used to describe the latest water craze—raw water. You can also add expensive and risky to the list.

Companies tout that raw water is ‘natural,’ ‘unprocessed,’ ‘a natural source of probiotics,’ and taken from deep within the ground so it is more ‘pure.’ Don’t be fooled. Raw water is not treated so it may contain any number of chemicals and organisms that can cause significant illness.

Clean drinking water is a basic need for people around the world and in the US, luckily, that water is coming out of our taps. Most people would not consume water out of a stream, so don’t be duped by the ‘raw water’ label or hype. It is just not safe to drink.

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Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN

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