BIG Nutrition: Really! Uttered while putting down the spoon of raw cookie dough…


BIG Nutrition: Really! Uttered while putting down the spoon of raw cookie dough…

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year all happening in the next few weeks, you may find yourself in the kitchen making some baked goods. If so, I hate to spoil the fun, but there is a tiny bit of bad news. You may want to think twice before eating the raw dough or batter because of the risk of getting sick.

The risk of salmonella in uncooked cookie doughs and batters has been known for some time and is associated with the raw eggs. However, another culprit has emerged as a source of concern: the raw flour. In 2016, 10 million pounds of flour was recalled because of a multi-state outbreak. Investigators reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that they found Escherichia coli (E. coli) in raw flour. Although the number of individuals who got sick was small (56), one quarter required hospitalization.

Fortunately, both salmonella and E. coli are killed during the cooking process. So, if you are making treats this holiday season, be sure to leave the taste testing until when the treat comes out of the oven!


ICYMI! The Nutrition Challenge Winner… Megan Funaro (aka Leggy)! Her win was announced at the recent BIG Holiday Gathering. It was stiff competition all the way through week 7; however, Megan is very committed to food and especially fresh food that she makes to fit her vegetarian lifestyle, and she attends several classes throughout the week. Way to go Megan!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN


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