BIG Nutrition: You don’t need will power to improve your eating


BIG Nutrition: You don’t need will power to improve your eating

Often feelings about nutrition are focused around good and bad foods. If you eat a donut, that’s bad. If you drink soda, that’s bad. It is no surprise then, that we often view our inability to follow a ‘good’ diet as a failure, a lack of personal will to make the right choices. However, eating is much more complicated that just making a choice between soda and water. Our environment is filled with foods that are less nutrient dense. Just getting a tank of gas can be difficult since many gas stations carry foods and beverages that may tempt us.

Looking at your environment, you might find things that can be modified to support rather than sabotage your nutrition goals. A few:

  • What is sitting on your kitchen counter? Cake? Cookies? Chocolates? Other treats? Place them in the refrigerator and place whole fruits and veggies on the counter.
  • Speaking of the refrigerator….what is at eye level? People consume more vegetables and fruits when these are at eye level rather than hidden in a refrigerator drawer (AKA the rotter).
  • What is in the food cabinet that you open most frequently? Are these items the one’s you want to increase eating? If not, please tempting items in a less frequently opened cabinet or on a higher or lower shelf. Out of sight might mean out of mind.

In an article in the Washington Post, there are some additional recommendations to help set yourself up for success!

Speaking of Success….Want to Improve Your Deadlift by 24%? Be Like the Nutrition Challenge Winner!

Join me in congratulating Aaron Hoover on his win in the fall nutrition challenge! His goal was to gain muscle and strength while not increasing body fat. With consistent nutrient dense meals, he improved his deadlift by 24% (50 pounds) and increased the reps in the burpee rowing workout from 8/minute to 12/minute! Martha DeMaio received honorable mention in the nutrition challenge for her efforts to eat more nutrient dense eating more consistently. Well done Aaron and Martha!

Happy and healthful eating,

Donna G. Pertel, MEd, RD, LDN


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