Coach Mel isn’t a Super Hero: He just acts like one!


Coach Mel isn’t a Super Hero: He just acts like one!

In just four weeks Coach Mel has taken on two roles at Iron & Grit: he has started to run the gymnastics program on Sundaysimg_8604 and he has stepped into the leadership role as Head Coach for the Teen Strength and Conditioning Program! I sent him a few questions because I know everyone is going to want to know more about him.

His favorite lift is the deadlift and his favorite gymnastics movement is ring muscle ups; knowing Mel that is probably strict muscle ups!

What he loves most about CrossFit is the community and how everyone pushes each other to do better everyday. Mel definitely has a deep sense of community and this was best on display at our annual BEAT The Streets fundraiser. He teamed up with Kim McGonagle and helped her through her first competition. Capable of competing in the Rx division Mel put ego aside and competed in the scaled division and helped Kim have fun; that’s leadership and community!img_8586

If he could have dinner with one of the CrossFit games athletes he would choose Rich Froning. What would he ask him? To work out with him for the day….I was thinking more like what’s your favorite color but then Mel is not one to choose the easy path! And we would definitely love to watch Mel working out with the CrossFit Champ.

You are probably wondering if Mel ever eats a cheat meal? Yes, he loves blueberries!

Donuts, waffles, or pancakes…anything with blueberries.

When you see Mel performing some of his gymnastics movements you probably think he must be half super hero or Mugsy’simg_8246 son. And while he is strong and able to perform amazing “gymnasty” feats defying gravity, at the end of the day he is just one super cool coach who loves coaching at Iron & Grit.

His passion for the teen age group shows in his approach and dedication to the program. In 4 weeks he has revamped the program and has aspirations to build a competitive teen CrossFit program. He loves coaching teens because “they always show up with a positive attitude and put their heart into each training session.”

His goal is to help his teen athletes build their strength, endurance, physical and mental health while keeping it fun. Perhaps Mel doesn’t have Super Hero speed like The Flash but he has something better; a heart of gold and commitment to his athletes.

We are lucky he has joined the Iron & Grit team and I look forward to his gymnastics class every Sunday. Please join me in officially welcoming Mel to the Iron & Grit coaching team!