CrossFit Defense: Choose Safety


CrossFit Defense: Choose Safety

CrossFitters like to pride themselves on being prepared for anything. Athletes are taught the basics of functional movement and train to be able to move in the best way possible. Need to clean under the couch? Deadlift. Need to store your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment? Push Press.The quest to elite fitness carries with it a considerable benefits to health and longevity of life. But what happens when that life is threatened by another person? Would you be able to defend yourself if you have no idea how to? Would you even see the attack coming? Truth is elite fitness doesn’t guarantee your safety. Lucky for us, CrossFit has given us the tools to choose safety when danger is imminent. Everyone needs CrossFit defense because it provides a link between functional movement and how to apply those movements in a self-defense scenario.


Situational Awareness

People love a good race. The best part of the race is when the leader peaks over their shoulder and can see the rest of the field gaining. Excitement builds towards the moment where the athlete in second place picks up their speed to catch up and the two race to the finish. CrossFit athletes have developed a good sense of awareness, chasing the studs of their box during every WOD. That same awareness can be honed and repurposed for the street. The best way to avoid or limit the chance of a violent encounter is to be aware of the possibility of it.

Hidden Arsenal

CrossFit defense is not a martial art. We will not spend time going over the horse stance, left tiger claw to front shin kick. In fact, we don’t teach any brand new move to magically make people safe. Instead, we provide a link between CrossFit – Wall Balls, Ball Slams, High Knees, Lunges, Jerks, Push-Ups, and close quarter defensive movements. Think about how many times the WOD “Karen”, 150 wall balls, has been programmed at your box? It’s that many times you have thrown a palm strike or a strong shove. There is a hidden arsenal to CrossFit; CrossFit defense will unlock it.



Learning to become aggressive can feel counter intuitive. Growing up, we were always told to be nice and control our emotions even if we feel as if we were wronged. But, we do need to learn to tap into that inner beast. Learning to use controlled aggression can be learned through weightlifting, but can also be learned during CrossFit defense. We help people release the beast by inserting an emotional response to their training.  Many people, with no training, have been able to defend themselves through blinding anger and rage.

CrossFit has benefited athletes in amazing ways both in and out of the box. The truth is elite fitness doesn’t guarantee safety. But choosing safety can always be a readily available option. Take the time to be aware of the surrounding area, be ready to release the inner beast and hidden arsenal, everyone can and should defend themselves.\


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