Fauxly: What is it and why you’re doing it


Fauxly: What is it and why you’re doing it



CrossFit athletes know all about weightlifting. From the first day of the Beginners Program to the day you enter group training, you are constantly practicing and refining the skill of moving an object. However, weightlifting is much more than a vehicle towards elite fitness; it’s a sport. On January 21, 2017, Saturday, we will be hosting a mock Olympic Weightlifting Meet called, “Fauxly”; and every Iron & Grit athlete is invited to participate!

What is Fauxly? (faux.oly)

A true Olympic weightlifting meet will need each athlete to fulfil a set of requirements before participation. These requirements are based on, proper attire, experience level, movement expertise & weight class. Winners are then decided based on each athlete’s Total kilos/pounds moved and how that relates to their weight class.

Fauxly will run be run in the spirit of a Olympic Lifting competition but with a few minor adjustments below:

  • Attire – No singlet needed but if you really want to wear one, we won’t stop you! You can ask Mugsy if you can borrow his!
  • Experience Level/Movement Expertise – We will have a Scaled and Rx Division and judging standards will be designed to test both levels.
  • Weight Class – None. Scoring, however, will still be based on athletes bodyweight.


Why should I do this?

The experience gained from a weightlifting meet is unmatched. From controlling  anxiety during the warm ups, ideal fueling during the event to having your name called up and the confidence to get out there and lift; there is nothing like it. Getting our of your comfort zone will not only focus your training, the adaptation will make you into a smarter and better athlete.




Who’s this for?

Although attendees of Saturdays Olympic Lifting class have, unknowingly, been preparing for sometime; all Iron & Grit athletes are invited to sign up! In fact, I want as many people participating in this meet as possible. Fauxly will provide an opportunity for participants to challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment.


At the end of each year, I do my best to take stock of my fitness by making a list of both made and missed goals. This process helps me focus and direct my fitness forward into the next year. The process isn’t easy and ego can easily get in the way. However, knowing I am going to compete helps me sidestep away from my ego by giving my efforts a focus point.

What better time to compete than at an in-house mock weightlifting competition?

Click here to sign up now: Fauxly, a Mock Weightlifting Meet

After Party

Throughout the meet, our doors will be open to all other members and their extended family and friends for a Holiday Potluck. Join us to share a meal, to cheer on and celebrate the ability of our impressive community!