Golden Ticket Rule: Do The Right Thing, For The Right People


Golden Ticket Rule: Do The Right Thing, For The Right People

To this day one of my favorite movies is Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. So many great lessons to be learned! The kids who won the Golden Ticket each embodied some of the worst traits–images-1Greedy, rude, spoiled, gluttonous…who can forget the original movie with Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregade, TV Mike. But it is the sweet and endearing Charlie Bucket that steals the show with his kind and gracious heart.

As the holidays approach I think of the qualities I like most in this community; some of the most generous, hard working, funny and wonderful people I know! I get to see you almost everyday and I want to say thank you for making my life so fulfilling. Everyday I am challenged to run a better business to make this the best hour of your day.

I’m often asked why I don’t run a Groupon or special to get more members through the images-3door. I understand the value of giving discounts. But I sincerely believe that discounts and free memberships need to be saved for the most special people–you and your family and friends.

This holiday I want to extend an opportunity for one of you to receive 2 FREE months of Iron & Grit training with a Golden Ticket drawing.

The Golden Ticket contest is simple:

  1. Invite your friends and family to SIGN UP through our Refer A Friend WOD page. They can join us on a Sunday during Community WOD at 10 a.m. or make an appointment for a Free private session.
  2. If your friend or family member signs up with Iron & Grit they get 50% off their Beginners Program or 50% of their first month.
  3. YOU get entered into our Golden Ticket drawing for each member who signs up for a chance to win 2…yes, that’s 2 FREE months! A savings of over $400!
  4. You have until December 31st to get your friend signed up. They have until January 15th to get signed up for Beginners or Group class.
  5. Drawing will be on January 20th!
  6. Go to: Refer A Friend on the WOD page of our website. You submit their contact information and we contact them for you!

img_9786-2The Golden Ticket Rule is simple…do the right thing, for the right people!

Thank you BIG Family for making this place so special.