Welcome to CrossFit© Boston Iron and Grit!

As is the case with most other sports, CrossFit© has its own unofficial guidelines and language. Here is a little Cliff Note version to help you get in the know.

Let’s start by defining CrossFit©.

CrossFit© is a training methodology that consists of measurable, functional fitness, performed at a relatively high-intensity over broad domains and times. We concentrate in 10 areas:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Accuracy
  • Agility
  • Balance


Golden Rule: Be prepared for the unknown and unknowable and leave your Ego at the door. No really… No matter how fit you think you are, this sport can humble you in a hurry.


CrossFit Boston Iron & Grit: aka ‘BIG’

ACTIVATION: A thorough warm-up to activate the joints and prime the body for the daily WOD and lifting.

AFFILIATE: An individually-ownedgym branded with the CrossFit© name that follows the CrossFit© training methodology.

AMERICAN KETTLEBELL SWINGS: An explosive full-body movement in which the Athlete repeatedly swings a rounded weight with a horn shaped handle from just below the hip to an overhead position with the arms at full extension.

AMRAP: As many Rounds or Reps as possible within a given period of time. It could be as short as 1 minute, or it could be as long as 60 minutes…. Either way, use a whiteboard to keep track.

ASSAULT BIKE: A stationary bike unlike your ordinary stationary bike.An Assault Bike is aptly named for the way it assaults your aerobic system. The pedals and arms are connected to a fan wheel that provides resistance as you move for distance, calories or both. It doesn’t take long after the first few meters or calories before your productivity is reduced to rubble.

BEATDOWN: A brutal workout.

BURPEES: A staple and quite often dreaded gymnastics movement in CrossFit©. It’s like falling down and picking yourself up over and over again. No need to explain much further because once you do one you will never forget what they are.

BOX: Another name for a CrossFit© gym and nothing like your typical gym. What you won’t see at a ‘BOX’ are machines and clusters of people standing around those machines chit-chatting. What you will sometimes see is peoplelying on the floor in a puddle of sweat especially after a beatdown WOD.

BOX JUMPS: The act of jumping from the floor with both feet and landing with both feet on top of a large, wooden or heavy-duty foam box.

BURDEN RUN: As the name might suggest, a Burden Run involves running while carrying a weighted object; as if Running without a weight was not a burden.

CHALK: Used to dry hands and enhance grip on equipment. Chalking up is used by some athletes to take a longer break between reps—we have all done it!

CHALK MONSTER: An Athlete who uses an excessive amount of chalk and in doing so leaves a complete mess on the floor of the gym. You don’t want to be a Chalk Monster especially if you are not the one who cleans the gym.

CHIPPER: To folks outside of CrossFit©, Chipper is affectionately known as a person who is feeling fun and lively. Within the BOX however, it refers to a style of WOD that has a set number of tasks in which the goal is to ‘chip away’ at each until the WOD is completed For Time or until the set time expires, in which case it would be scored as DNF (Did Not Finish).

CLEAN & JERK: A complex barbell movement in which the barbell is forcefully pulled from the floor to the shoulder, then after gaining control the Athlete forcefully pushes the barbell up overhead landing in a power-position. The athlete then stands until the arms, hips and knees are completely locked.

DOUBLE-UNDERS: aka DUBS, is when the jump rope passes under the feet twice within a single jump. Unlike playground jumping of rope the process of learning DUBS has been known to turn the fittest man or woman into a mental cupcake.

DNF: Did Not Finish the designated amount of work prescribed in a set time domain.

FOR TIME: Unlike an AMRAP, a ‘For Time’ WOD is measured by how quickly you can complete a specific amount of work.

FREE PIZZA FRIDAY: Something you will never experience at a CrossFit© Gym.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: During the CrossFit© OPEN competition each Box has their own version of a throwdown to help motivate, cheer on and support athletes who are competing.

INTEGRATION:  A post-workout routine that includes mobility and accessory work that complements the daily WOD.

JERK: 1) A movement in which a Barbell or Dumbbell is pushed or pressed in an aggressive manner from the shoulder to an overhead position while landing in a power position. Also known as a PUSH JERK.

2) An Athlete who gossips, criticizes, doesn’t listen, drops equipment, doesn’t put away their equipment or does put away their equipment but does so before all other Athletes have completed the WOD or shaves reps or lies about their score in an effort to sound like a better Athlete than they really are. Don’t be a Jerk.


METCON: Short for ‘Metabolic Conditioning’ aka Aerobic Capacity. MetCons are designed to train stamina, endurance, pacing and conditioning. MetCons usually have higher intensity timed and/or AMRAP components and can be the WOD themselves or are done after some form of specific weight training.


THE OPEN: A unique worldwide competition open to Athletes of pretty much any age or fitness level. The Open consists of workouts announced each week for up to 5 weeks by CrossFit© Headquarters. Athletes are judged at their own Box and Scores are submitted to a global online CrossFit© Scoreboard. Top Athletes move on to a tougher Regional version, then to the CrossFit© Games where the top Athletes compete for the title of The Fittest on Earth.

PISTOLS: A full squat performed with one leg only while the opposite leg stays off the floor.  Like their namesake, these can be deadly in a WOD if not trained properly.

PUSH PRESS: A Shoulder to Overhead movement in which the Athlete starts with the Barbell in a standing Front Rack position, then performs a short, fast dip before Pressing the bar aggressively overhead, catching it with Arms, Hips, Knees in a fully locked out position.

RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL SWING: Same movement pattern and technique as the American Kettlebell only the Athlete raises the Kettlebell to shoulder level versus all the way up overhead but both with arms near full extension.

SCORE: The total number of rounds, reps or total weight lifted in a specific WOD. This can also include Calories burned or Distance traveled.

SNATCH: A highly-complex and masterful Olympic lift that often takes years of practice in which the barbell is pulled from the floor all the way overhead in one fluid and beautiful motion.


SPICY: A workout that has the same shocking effect on the body as unknowingly biting into a jalapeno. “That workout got spicy quick!”


THRUSTERS: A movement in which an Athlete holds a barbell or dumbbell in a Front Rack position then moves from a Front Squat to a Push Press in one explosive movement.


TOES-TO-BAR: A gymnastics movement in which an Athlete hangs from a pull-up bar and kips the feet up to until the toes touch said pull-up bar.

WALLBALLS: A soft, versatile, oversized basketball looking object filled with weight that is sometimes referred to as a Medicine Ball and is most frequently tossed to a target in a movement pattern much-like a Thruster. The Wallball is also sometimes tossed to a Partner and/or carried during a Burden Run.

WOD: Workout of the Day