Helping Your Teen Understand Nutrition and Eating


Helping Your Teen Understand Nutrition and Eating

During adolescence there is high demand for calories and nutrients to support rapid growth, physical activity, and academic performance. At the same time, adolescents assume more responsibility for their own food and beverage choices, choices that, short-term, impact academic and physical performance and, long-term, impact overall health and risk for diseases, such as, obesity, heart disease, type II diabetes, and cancer.

Teenage years are an ideal time to involve them in shopping and cooking because, now more than ever, teens are interested in what is in their food and the impact that food (or packaging) has on the environment. Learning to cook will also give them the skills they need for the future. Without these skills, what choice will they have other than to take out or eat pre-packaged or prepared foods. The time you invest helping your teen learn to shop, assemble, and cook food may also have a big reward, a meal cooked for you!

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