Make it a SMART goal


Make it a SMART goal

At the end of every year, many of us begin to think about how we can make changes to ourselves. We assess our looks, health, fitness or athletic performance and decide to make changes. Changes are good but without direction, change for the better, can be difficult to come across. Over the years of training, I have found that SMART Goal setting has been a staple in helping athletes set and achieve goals.

SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-based. Below, we further breakdown each definition and use “competition” as our example goal.

Specific, by definition, means something that is clearly identified or precise in detail. Details such a time or date, help athletes keep focus on their task. “I’m going to compete next year!” is a great goal but sadly not a very specific one. Instead, take time to redefine the goal to include specific points.

“I will participate in next years Fauxly Weightlifting Competition on January 21st.” miguel

CrossFit has taught athletes many things; one of which is that fitness is measurable. Tracking fitness has allowed all athletes to learn about their work capacity over broad time and modal domains. The same good habit of note taking can be extended towards goal setting. This will provide a definition of success and a source of determination to follow through.

“I will make all lifts and have a combined total of 330lbs”

Actionable & Realistic
When an athlete identifies the goal that is most important to them, an outline is created. This would be a list of actionable changes an athlete can adopt to move towards the goal. An adjustment to training days, times, movement focus, nutrition or mobility, when done right, can take an athlete significantly closer to success. But, can an athlete make the necessary adjustments to be able to achieve the goal set?

“I will attend the next Olympic Lifting Class to sharpen my technique.”

Every good goal needs a deadline. A time frame tied to any goal provide a needed sense of urgency. If every athlete lived in the prime of their lives forever, deadlines wouldn’t matter.
“I have 2 weeks to sign up!”
Goal setting has helped countless people achieve so much. The SMART Goals outline, not only helps athletes focus their training, but also provides confidence to follow through. Still unsure of what your goals could be? Take time to reach out to your coaches and ask!