Next Week This Time: Plan, Prepare and Commit


Next Week This Time: Plan, Prepare and Commit

This is WEEK 3 of our new cycle of programming and I just received it. Like a kid getting a new toy Miguel search-2and I both got a little excited about what’s coming up!

We hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Iron & Grit was busy! Athletes were in getting some extra needed muscle burn and I think the mission was accomplished. Today we finished with a good burner and a 1.7 mile buy out to finish our week.

oly4Lots of new records posted in the over head pressing but also in the benchmark Annie. Nice job team Iron & Grit.

What’s On Tap?

This week won’t disappointment either. We are starting Monday with Back Squats and going for a heavier weight then last week’s 3 RM but in a cluster…..don’t worry, we will get you all set up tomorrow! Be sure to get in here to get in on the action!

Monday weightlifting will be followed by a great WOD. Each athlete choosing between 3 or 4 rounds depending on ability and level of gymnastics. I like that we have to put more thought into the coaching and analyzing what is best suited for each athlete.

Tuesday you can expect to put together Power Cleans, Front Squats and Jerks for the strength portion and this will be followed by an aerobic power burner.

Wednesday we continue to work on our pressing strength and test our ability to recover!

Thursday and Friday expect more squatting. We end the week with one of our favorite Bench Mark WODs! And of course Saturday and Sunday filled with community and team time!!

Coach Peterson doesn’t disappointment and we as a team are excited for the new challenge in stepping up our coaching game. On Sunday the gym will close at 12 p.m. sharp as we will be having a Coaches Workshop with Coach Peterson–we look forward to bringing you better coaching. Remember that this is a process and while resiliency and resourcefulness are needed in training, competition and life; winging it just doesn’t work for long. Plan, prepare and be ready to commit to the process! #chaseintensity