Nutrition is a Family Affair~


Nutrition is a Family Affair~

Support, feeling amazing, and a few PRs!

The 7 Week Nutrition Challenge is ending tomorrow! This challenge was special because for some of our BIG members it was a family affair. Felicita Sanchez, her son Kelvin Juarbe, and his girlfriend Michelle Restrepo are all participants in the nutrition challenge. Kelvin joined the nutrition challenge to support his mom and girlfriend. Three weeks in, he was pleasantly surprised, “I feel amazing and increasing the amount of vegetables I eat has been much easier than I expected,” noted Kelvin.

That ‘amazing’ feeling is common among nutrition challenge participants. Felicita, Michelle, and Kelvin all note that they feel better, have more energy, and are less bloated. Michelle also noticed a change in the evenness and tone her skin after a couple of weeks. Those changes alone would be enough, but Kelvin and Michelle have both happy with new weightlifting PRs since the challenge began.

Traveling frequently, Kelvin notes that it can be a difficult to find the right foods, but when he is back home, he is back to clean eating because he feels so good. Michelle agrees, “I’d like this to become the way we eat every day.” Giving up sweets after dinner was tough, at first, according to Michelle. “I’m thankful that I don’t miss it that much anymore.”

Mom, Felicita, finds that eating clean means that she can still make familiar family foods when everyone gathers for dinner, “chicken, beef, pork, and lots of vegetables.” What really matters, though, is that they are all doing this together. “Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do it without Kelvin’s support. It really means a lot that he made this sacrifice for me,” says Michelle.

Eating without sugar and additives is not always easy, but the rewards are many. Fortunately you don’t need to eat clean all of the time or only do it during a nutrition challenge.

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