• Nutritional Coaching & Diet Plans For Fitness Gym Members
Nutrient dense eating can separate a good athlete from a great athlete and a healthy strong person from an unhealthy one.

Work with us to build a strong healthy body!

  • Eat real, nutrient dense foods and fluids with minimal processing and packaging whenever possible.
  • Consume a wide variety of colors of plant foods every day.
  • Recognize that no individual food or food choice is good or bad; the overall pattern of food intake is more important.
  • Focus on pre- and post-activity fueling to get the most out of every athletic activity.
  • Be realistic and make small changes. They make an impact and don’t lead to a feeling of failure if they are not met.
  • Strive, each day, for 90% nutrient-dense eating with ~10% discretionary intake.

Nutrition may be the edge that you need to meet your training goals and, for everyone, it is an investment in your health! Discuss your desired nutrition outcomes or one of these ideas:

Building muscle mass
Weight management
Nutrient timing and distribution
Fueling for competition
Fitting nutrition goals into your lifestyle
The best ways to identify progress related to nutrition
Eating for the whole family
Navigating grocery, takeout, and meal solution offerings
Essential cooking skills


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1 Session


2 Sessions


4 Sessions


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