Olympic Lifting

Our goal is to offer any person, a pathway to a stronger, more powerful athletic experience and a healthier standard of living. We achieve that by teaching the two standard Olympic Lifts (the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk) and the conjugates to each movement. This approach allows our athletes to work on multiple facets of their fitness without overloading the Central Nervous System.

You will see the Olympic Lifts throughout the week in the EVOLVE classes. For a more focused Olympic Lifting class join our coaches on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Any athlete, from beginner to experienced, looking for a more thorough understanding of the Olympic Lifts, core development and building a base of strength can attend these longer more technique focused classes.

Below is your road map.

Heavy day, train the top end-range of our strength and power.
Technical day, a purposeful study of technique & mechanical breakdown.

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