Push Ups are my nemesis. It’s just a fact. I have never had upper body strength. This is the year I am tackling this goat. In order to do this I have committed myself to focusing on my push ups. Now you don’t have to be “bulky” to get your strong on but you do have to be willing to put in the time. To get your push up game stronger here is a little tutorial to help you out:

First, no bands! Absolutely no bouncing your way to better push ups. Planks, planks, planks…specifically in hollow body position.

Second, if going to the floor just isn’t possible then bring the floor up to your level. Hence, what I call Super Sexy Push Ups!

Keep working at a level that is challenging but allows you to keep hollow body position. When you feel you are stronger or we tell you it’s time for the next level, take the bar down a few notches.

Before you know it you will be doing military style push ups with the best of them! And if anyone ever asks you if you do “girl push ups” get a little attitude going and tell them “NO! I do Super Sexy Push Ups!”

Thank you Paola for modeling for us! Sorry guys, she’s taken!