Brandon F.

"The Community Is Welcoming!"

Brandon F.

I made the switch over to CrossFit Boston Iron and Grit and it has been everything I was looking for in a CrossFit gym and more. I am convinced CrossFit BIG is the right fit for everyone- beginners curious about trying CrossFit for the first time and experienced CrossFitters thinking about changing boxes. Here are the reasons why:
The Coaches: There are four main coaches- Owner Tina, Brian, Miguel, and Yohanna- and they are all top-notch. They are a dedicated, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their craft. No matter whether a class has 2 or 15 people in it, they make sure each member is getting the coaching he/she needs to participate safely, get a great workout in, push themselves, and get a great workout in. Each coach also brings his/her own style and expertise, so if you get a chance to work with all of them you get a great all-around experience.
The Community: There is a great mix of people here- old and young, from elite athletes to day-one beginners. The common thread is everyone welcomes and encourages everyone else no matter what level they are at. Coming from another CrossFit gym, it would have been easy to feel like an outsider for a while. Not here. People were friendly, encouraging and immediately treated me like I was part of their gym. From the start I have made friends and look forward to talking to them before and after class as much as the actual workout!
Countless Intangibles:
In the short time I have been there they have renovated, added to their rig, and brought in multiple orders of equipment. This reinvestment in the gym shows- it is in GREAT shape.
The gym is clean, equipment is organized, there are three clean showers (separate from the bathrooms) with towels and toiletries provided.
There is always a community event to look forward to- from charity workouts/fundraisers to nutrition, weightlifting, or running challenges to pot-luck parties.
There is a wide range of hours (including classes on Sunday) and I haven’t seen anyone turned away from a class yet.

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