Mike G

"Don't delay, ACT Now!"

Mike G

People, I am or was close to 300lb guy and it scared me. My wife encouraged me to try CrossFit. She had joined in the past and we allowed ourselves to get so busy, we put ourselves last in our family, well at least I did fitness wise.
Was I hesitant? Absolutely.
The great thing about this training, is you start where you start, learn the mechanics of movements and stretching, and you push yourself to your max, whatever that may be.
The attention to detail, coaching and overall feedback you get is unreal!
I hesitated years ago and I wish I didn’t.
Yes I was sore, yes I hated it, but knowing from the past that it is a good sore and only time and hard work will get rid of that sore, it is so true.
I have a long way to go for my realistic goals, but I’ve already lost 20+ lbs, reduced my waistline from a 42 to almost a 38, and clothes fit great. What’s better than anything, is I feel great. More energy, positivity for my family and work. Doing normal everyday things is not a struggle.
I only bring this up cause maybe some other 40+ year old is reading this and in my boat. Things can change, but you have to do it. You have to be committed and don’t give up. There’s even an opportunity to work with a Nutritionist who is truly wonderful.
I am so glad that I joined this group and organization. I’d be happy to talk to anyone in greater detail about my experience thus far. 3 months so far.
Put yourself first people. Your health is the most important, otherwise the rest will not matter if you can’t physically or mentally enjoy it.
Don’t delay, act NOW!

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