WAKE UP and Work For It, or let it STAY A DREAM


WAKE UP and Work For It, or let it STAY A DREAM

15241803_1807178942859005_4417374535440517964_nIn life we get an opportunity to reset when we don’t do our best. The Nutrition Challenge we started 6 weeks ago is the perfect example. The Challenge purposely lead up to Thanksgiving week. It allowed you to pull yourselves together before the holidays hit full force.

It’s not easy to wake up every day and stay the course even if for only 6 weeks. So many stressors around us to derail us from our plans. This Challenge was run by Donna Pertel and I have to first thank her for her complete dedication to each and every one of the members. Whether you participated in the Challenge or not, Donna always makes herself available to meet with you and her advice in the weekly blog is a great way to get pointers on how the get the added nutrition we need to fuel us through our WODs.

The Fall 2016 winners were Metin and Jill! Both stayed the course and turned in someimg_8295 impressive numbers for the nutrition points. In Week 1 they tested in with Christine WOD and 3 RM Front Squats:

Metin improved his Christine WOD time by 2:40. He started 6 weeks ago with a time of 15:32 and retested at 13:18! Metin also improved his Front Squat by 10# topping his max at 185.

Jill started with a time of 15:17 and was able to take over 2 minutes off her time. She ended the Challenge with a time of 13:03 for the Benchmark WOD and improved her Front Squat 3RM by 10# as well.

They both kept consistent points in the nutrition portion of the challenge and this allowed them to lose some weight and inches off the waist. Nice job Metin and Jill!!

img_5732Our other athletes also did well and deserve to be mentioned:

Dan–our Running Challenge winner came in strong for this Challenge as well. He took 2.5 inches off his waist and 1.5 off his hips. Most impressive was a gain of 3.20 pounds which we can say is muscle mass gain. In the usual Dan style he has kept us on our toes and we can only guess that his Benchmark WOD time improved! He finished with 10:30 time, which is quite impressive.

Paige–is new to CrossFit and the week she finished her beginners program she jumped into the Nutrition Challenge. She improved her time by over 3 minutes and also lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks! Way to go Paige!

Kendall–like her twin brother she knocked it out of the park. With minimal maintenance she was able to lose 5 pounds and also improved her Benchmark WOD by over 1:50!

Dana–this busy mom of 3 kept it steady throughout the 6 weeks and was able to improve her 3 RM Front Squat by 15# and improve her Benchmark time by a minute!

Danielle–probably one of the busiest mom’s I know; she also was able to improve her eating habits and make better choices throughout the 6 weeks. She improved her Benchmark WOD by over 2:00!

Everyone who participated did a great job and I think the take away is that if you need to reset you can do that any time; not once a month or every year. In fact, I’m not a big proponent of New Year’s resolutions. I believe that if you need to reset you can WAKE UP and decide that “today is the day I will make my DREAM a reality.”

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