Westie Barbell Club: Lifting & Physics


Westie Barbell Club: Lifting & Physics

When Dan McDonald asked me 6 weeks back if I could help put together a program for his 9th grade students I said absolutely! I had just started to look for new opportunities to work with youth in Boston. Dan joined Iron & Grit about two months ago and you can find him in the 5:30 a.m. class before he has to head over to West Roxbury Academy to teach 9th grade physics.

The program has two goals: First to get the teens to focus on the MCAS Physics exam in late May. Second, to keep them showing up for classes in June. The latter is a major issue for many students who live in all parts of the city. They stop going to school and Dan is on a mission to change this.

The program is pretty basic: The students stay after school twice a week to study for the Physics exam and train here at Iron & Grit on the other days. Our newest coach Matt is going to be developing the program with me. We are in Week 2 and our hope is to instill in the students the values that we learn everyday in CrossFit. Grit, work hard, be honest, integrity above all else and never give up!

This is our pilot program and if it goes well we hope to expand it by next school year. This program brings us back to our mission, to the very roots of why we opened Iron & Grit–Help underserved kids and teens in Boston.

If you would like to get involved with our program please let us know: BEAT The STREETS