Winter Training Benefits


Winter Training Benefits

Winter is just around the corner and the prospect of getting up early to go WOD in the cold is no where near as appealing as staying home bundled up in warm sheets. However, training in the cold weather does have some amazing benefits to your overall health and fitness.




Higher Spirits…

Let’s face it, it can get real gloomy in the winter. Getting up and exposing ourselves to as much sunlight as possible is important. Sunlight provides us with vitamin D – which helps with overall skeletal and muscular efficiency. Couple that with the general advantages of working out on a regular basis, we can easily reduce the effects of seasonal affective disorder.  



Lung Capacity & Athletic Performance…

When training in the cold, breathing is an issue many face. Aside from asthma,  breathing the thin, frigid air is what makes every WOD difficult. But sticking with a regular routine will allow your lungs to adjust over time because we are training our lungs and body to process oxygen in a more efficient manner. Once we’ve adapted to the cold, our bodies can perform better and move with more efficiency.

Boost the Metabolism…

We know that regular exercise does wonders for our metabolism. However, training in the cold can increase that boost considerably. To keep warm, our bodies begin to shake slightly and uncontrollably. This means that our bodies have to expend more calories which helps burn fat.

Training during the winter has some amazing benefits; from keeping our spirits high, increasing lung capacity to an overall metabolic boost. Yes, it is harder to lace up the shoes, put on the layers, and move in the frigid cold but the advantages can’t be ignored. So when you wake up and check the WOD, and it says farmers carry or running, get excited to be in class!