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Boston Iron & Grit Training will help you succeed in reaching your health
and fitness goals. We take the time to get to know YOU. We have EVOLVED
beyond our beginnings as a CrossFit gym. You will notice the difference in
our coaching, programming and community. We offer an array of classes to
choose from. Our program is built on 5 pillars:

Absolute Strength–We help you develop a base of strength in all our
programs. If you are a beginner we start with the most basic Powerlifting
and gymnastics movements: push, pull and squat. Once you gain confidence we
start to layer in the technical aspects of Olympic lifting. Done with our
safe approach you will develop the strength you need to enjoy your everyday
life activities.

Aerobic Capacity–Cardio-vascular endurance is a staple you need to keep
healthy and lose weight. Our approach is to help you increase your work
capacity in fun, high intensity metabolic conditioning workouts. You can
choose from one of our many programs–EVOLVE, IRON Row or our famous BIG
Engine class.

Mobility and Flexibility–Can’t call it a well-rounded program without
having mobility as one of the pillars. We add mobility training to all of
our classes and teach you how to keep your joints safe and your muscles

Functional Body Development–We felt this was the missing link to most
training programs. Balance, stability and core development is the focus of
our FUNCTION class. You will also see functional body development in our
EVOLVE class 3 times a week during Integration–our post WOD accessory work
to keep you moving forward on your fitness journey.

Wellness–We believe health embodies a well-rounded life–Nutrition, Sleep,
Hydration, Strength Training, Cardio and Meditation. We created the 4 Week
DETOX to help jump start your fitness journey. Our proven DETOX method
along with consistent training will keep you at your optimal health.