Fundamentals & Assessment

Our Fundamentals program is geared for new athletes. We offer each athlete an opportunity to learn the basics of CrossFit in a safe and supportive session.

If you have never tried CrossFit or need to start the process over by learning the basics in a comprehensive program, the first step is a FREE GOAL REVIEW:


Our GOAL REVIEW process is proven to give you a starting point in your training journey. We want to get to know you and provide you with an InBody Analysis as a starting point. By providing you with basic knowledge about your skeletal muscle mass compared to your percent of body fat and visceral fat we can help you build a sustain fitness program. This step is crucial to you starting our CrossFit program. Both experienced and new athletes are required to go through our GOAL REVIEW process.


It is important to understand you as an athlete. How do you move, hinge, and lunge? What is any limitation you have? Past injuries?

We also want to test your aerobic capacity. We have been tracking all athlete for the past 5 years and this test gives us a great snapshot of how to help you achieve your optimal performance.

We provide all athletes with an Assessment. Experienced athletes going right into class will also receive an Assessment. Once you have started group classes a coach will make an appointment with you.


We have developed one of the best FUNDAMENTALS programs in the area. Over 5 private sessions we will teach you the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit. You will be taught about proper scaling options and how to correctly row, bike and jump rope. We also address the basic gymnastics movements.

WE prepare you to get into Group Classes with confidence but more importantly, we prepare you for the unknown and unknowable!

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