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An ASSESSMENT is required for all athletes new to CrossFit.

*Experienced Athletes see below

The ASSESSMENT takes 60 Minutes

COST: $75

• Aerobic Capacity Test: This test measures your ability to perform a designated number of movements within a certain time frame. We are looking at your body’s ability to recover and re-perform the same task over repeated time frames. We often look at where the mind and body start to hit the threshold of your capacity. There is no fail or pass, simply a starting place for us to help you!

• Movement Analysis: Quality of movement is the foundation of our program at Iron & Grit. We look for the weaknesses and strengths in performing the most basic movements: squats, planks, box step ups and shoulder mobility and health. To better help you we take the time to know your body, your goals and any limitations from past injuries.

• InBody Test Results: Read about InBody test results here.

We do not offer a FREE Assessment for beginners. For an opportunity to train with us, new people can attend a FREE trial once a month on the third Thursday of the month.

Check out the FREE trial dates here.

Experienced CrossFitters

EXPERIENCED CrossFit Athletes (with at least 1 year experience of consistent CrossFit training) looking to check out our gym can drop in to one of our classes. Please fill out the form and let us know which day and time you would like to join us!

Fill out the form to get started!

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