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CrossFit Boston Iron & Grit offers world class fitness training. We serve the communities of Boston, Needham, Dedham, Newton, and Brookline.


We affiliated in 2011 with the mission of creating a community of fit, healthy and happy people who wanted to live their best life and by extension help youth in Boston! As happy, healthy people we find the time and energy to give back to our community. Over the past 13 years the Iron & Grit team and community have volunteered to help homeless children, the children in our most impoverished neighborhoods and keep ourselves fit!

We do this by taking the time to get to know you and your life goals. You will notice the difference from day one when we meet with you in our GOAL REVIEW session. We want to meet you and know what you want from your gym experience. Our FUNDAMENTALS program has helped 100s of people get safely started in CrossFit group classes. You will notice a difference in our coaching, programming, and community. We offer 3 different classes: CrossFit, BIG Engine and Olympic Lifting. All our programs are built on 5 pillars of fitness:

ABSOLUTE STRENGTH: We help you develop a base of strength in all our programs. If you are a beginner, we start with the most basic lifts and gymnastics movements: push, pull and squat. Once you start to master the basics, we start to layer in the technical aspects of Olympic lifting and more complex gymnastics movements. Done with our safe approach you will develop the strength you need to enjoy your life outside the gym.

BUILD YOUR ENGINE: Cardio-vascular endurance is a staple you need to keep healthy, maintain your ideal weight or lose weight. Our approach is to help you increase your work capacity in fun, high intensity metabolic conditioning workouts. You can choose from shorter duration workouts in our CrossFit classes or the Original BIG ENGINE class in Boston. You will experience a major difference in your body composition when you consistently attend both classes!

MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Can’t call it a well-rounded program without having mobility as one of the pillars. We add mobility training to all our classes and teach you how to keep your joints safe and your muscles supple. We also offer YOGA once a week as part of our program.

FUNCTIONAL BODY DEVELOPMENT: We saw this was a missing link to most training programs. Balance, stability, and core development is the focus in our training. All classes provide an opportunity to develop your core and build strength in weak areas of your training.

WELLNESS: We believe health embodies a well-rounded life: NUTRITION, SLEEP, HYDRATION, STRENGTH TRAINING, CARDIO and MEDITATION. We created a DETOX program to help our members jump start their fitness journey. Our proven DETOX method along with consistent raining will help you reach optimal health.

  • A healthy body and mind need a diet of wholesome food to nourish and sustain an active lifestyle. We do not subscribe to fad diets. Our goal is to teach you how to eat to support a quality life well into your nineties. Nutrition is the base of everything you do.
  • Sleep is where we allow our body and mind to fully recover from the stresses of the day.
  • We start our day with water and hydrate throughout the day.
  • And finally, we find 10 minutes a day to meditate. We can help you find balance in all aspects of your life.

Are you ready?

Our staff is one of the best in the area. We have been coaching together for over 7 years. We deliver a fun workout every day.  We bring a breadth of knowledge to our work and are proud to be part of the Iron & Grit team. You have a choice of different classes and a combination of all three; CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and BIG Engine will give you the best results.

We also offer private training and many of our members choose our HYBRID program and do a combination of Group Classes and one private session a week. Each program is tailored to your individual needs.

Since 2011 we have been an inclusive community and we welcome you to join us! I started Iron & Grit because I believed we could change the lives of people in Boston through CrossFit. As a coaching staff we look forward to the challenge of bringing the best in coaching, training, and community to Boston!


  • Clean bathrooms and showers
  • Private showers fully stocked with organic soap
  • Complimentary towel service
  • Free cubbies to store your gear


  • Fit Aid & Water
  • Fuel For Fire
  • Iron & Grit Apparel
  • FREE InBody Test for all new members


Our number one priority is to keep you safe. We thoroughly clean the gym each night and disinfect after each class.

Meet Our Team

Tina Ramos CrossFit Gym Coach In South Brookline Near Me

Tina Ramos

Owner & Founder
Miguel Claravall CrossFit Trainer Near Newton

Miguel Claravall

Head Coach & Specialty Programs Coordinator
Brian Conroy Fitness Trainer At CrossFit Boston Iron & Grit In Needham, Massachusetts

Brian Conroy

Head Coach

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