If you have never tried CrossFit or need to start the process over by learning the basics in a comprehensive program, there are 3 Steps:

Step 1
Assessment ($75)
Our ASSESSMENT process is proven to give you a starting point in your training journey. We assess 3 areas: InBody Test, Aerobic Capacity & Functional Movement. Learn more here.
Step 2
Start your Fundamentals Program with one of our professional coaches!
Step 3
Finish Fundamentals and get into Group Classes.

We always provide you with one FREE Week! If during this trial week you feel unprepared, we go back to the basics and help you get comfortable with CrossFit style training. We are with you every step of the way!

After the ASSESSMENT we will place you in the appropriate FUNDAMENTALS Program:

3 Sessions

Collegiate level athlete who needs to brush up on the Olympic Lifts. We also address the standards of movement you will see in class for gymnastics.

6 Sessions

Life has been hectic and consistent training got thrown out the window a few years ago! We take you back to the basics of lifting and start with the deadlift, front squat and strict press. We build on these lifts as we progress to the Olympic Lifts. We also address basic gymnastics and progressions.

9 Sessions

Coach Potato would best describe you but you know you have to start living a healthier life. This program is for those who are intimidated to get started and have very little athletic experience. We start with our SWEAT program—quality movement done at 60% effort. We build on the program and add high intensity interval training towards the end of the program. We start to address lifting after Session 3.

Wellness Program: 12 Sessions

• 9 Training Sessions
• 3 Nutrition Counseling

This is by far our most comprehensive Fundamentals Program and is individually tailored and built with the specific athletes needs in mind. Nutrition is addressed as part of the SIX Week program in 3 individual meetings with our nutritionist.

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