Live B.I.G. 365~Which Zone Are You Living In?

As a professional CrossFit coach and affiliate owner I have watched year after year as people struggle with 30-60-90 day challenges. While the intention is great, short term challenges often end in frustration. At the end of 2023 I said enough and for the first time in 15 years I did not run any kind of challenge to kick off the new year. I delved deep into the research on longevity and what I found were patterns of meaningful connections.

This is where Live B.I.G. 365 started to take shape.

It is hard to make changes when you don’t understand how your daily habits define your behavior overtime. In designing this system I wanted to empower people with information about their personal daily habits. The system had to include three areas I believe are important to overall health now and in the future: TRAIN, NOURISH and CONNECT. As I gathered my thoughts I also knew I would need help with the NOURISH part because this is not my area of expertise. I reached out to my friend Caitlin and together we began a collaboration.

This system is accessible, actionable and sustainable because it creates a personal journey for each person based on the information gathered over time. The system I created is color coded for convenience and ease of use. By going through this system you must understand this is not your typical 90 day challenge. This is a year-long process with actionable applications for life. Where you fall out in the colored ZONES is powerful information. Some of you will be disappointed or feel like giving up but this is where the work starts. We will have difficult conversations because CHANGE is hard. However, if you are willing to put in the time you will learn that living healthy takes a bit of effort in the beginning but over time your daily habits will become your behavior. Most important, you are capable of moving from a RED or YELLOW ZONE into GREEN and eventually BLUE!

This system is a year long process but we break it down into QUARTERS. As we get near to the end of the quarter we regroup, reassess and make some changes for the next quarter. You will see that the changes we advise are not huge but incremental. This is where you will start to make progress!

WE are chasing longevity not just to live a long life but to live life with avidity and vitality. Let’s get to work and find which ZONE you are currently living in. The information you gather over the next 90 days is to empower you to make decisions to support you on this lifelong journey!

If you are interested in more information contact us at: [email protected]