“Our behavior is preceded by our habits. Our health is directly related to our daily habits.”

The foundation of good health is nutrition. Our philosophy is to live 80% healthy for a lifetime. We take a practical approach to nutrition and just like building your strength good nutrition starts with small changes.

  • Eat real, nutrient dense foods and fluids with minimal processing and packaging whenever possible.
  • Consume a wide variety of colors of plant foods every day.
  • Recognize that no individual food or food choice is good or bad; the overall pattern of food intake is more important.
  • Focus on pre- and post-activity fueling to get the most out of every athletic activity.
  • Be realistic and make small changes. They make an impact and don’t lead to a feeling of failure if they are not met.
  • Strive, each day, for 80% nutrient-dense eating with ~10% discretionary intake.

We are the founders of the 90 DAY DETOX. Our proven method of 8 daily tasks helps you achieve optimal health by helping you understand how to make manageable changes to your daily habits. It’s not rocket science; it’s about your needs and we help you create balance.

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