Welcome Coach Renee

Let’s welcome Renee Dunham, a 10-year veteran coach who started at CrossFit Together in Hyde Park. Renee grew up in the woods of Maine, climbing trees and swimming across any body of water she could find. After various attempts at soccer, softball, karate, and basketball she and her parents gave in and admitted she was too klutzy to safely play these sports without breaking any more bones. She joined the swim team and became a competitive swimmer.

Renee attended college at College of Mass Art and earned her BFA in sculpture. After college Renee was looking for a new way to challenge herself and she was trying to find the community swimming had given her when she competed. In 2012 she decided to give CrossFit a try and found that this was the sport for smaller athletes with stamina. She loved the new skills she was learning and the intensity of the workouts. She also liked the discipline of training regularly and as a competitive person she loved being able to keep up with the BIG DAWGS! She has certainly shown us her athleticism in the 2024 CrossFit OPEN, scoring as one of our top female athletes in the Rx Division.

We always say we prepare for the unknown in life through our training in CrossFit and Renee has found her discipline in the sport of CrossFit has helped her with her career as an artist—we like to pick up heavy things, move them across broad space and time domains!

Please join me in welcoming Renee. You will see her shadowing Coach Miguel for the next month at the Saturday Olympic lifting class and soon she will be running her own classes!

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